2023-03-08: Looks like they are standing guard.

2023-03-06: A little desert walk.

2023-01-02: Here we go again 2x

2023-01-01: Happy New Year from AZ, USA

2022-12-18: Alrighty … trying out this mastodon stuff

2022-07-22: Wait … snow in July

2022-07-21: Window view

2022-04-07: San Xavier Mission - Near Tucson, AZ USA

2022-03-30: Fence

2022-03-29: Good morning! Cloudy

2022-03-13: I never get tired of these…

2022-02-17: Bisbee…ish

2022-02-17: Cool looking door … to me at least.

2022-02-13: A little retro

2022-02-13: I found Mator

2021-11-26: Beach

2021-10-09: Gone Driver Gone 🏌️‍♂️ It saddens me to announce that my driver and I are taking a break. I’m tired of losing golf balls … …

2021-09-17: I’m in a B&W mode today

2021-09-17: One from the archives.

2021-09-17: Just out for a walk

2021-09-11: Sunset attempt

2021-09-07: Prickly pears

2021-08-29: Meet Klaus - he is our grand-dog

2021-07-04: Just a cool view

2021-03-14: Engine. I don’t remember what this is but I saw it at the Pima Air Museum.

2021-03-14: Textures.

2021-02-19: More cactus shots

2021-02-16: Never get tired of these.

2021-02-15: Blinds

2021-02-14: Gates pass v2

2021-02-04: Good Morning!

2021-01-27: Wait a minute. Snow and Palm trees.

2021-01-24: What a cool evening

2021-01-18: Windows

2021-01-18: Closed

2021-01-16: She does love the rocks … oh and the cactus

2021-01-16: Sunset … again

2021-01-13: Sunset

2021-01-10: Tangled

2021-01-10: Finger

2021-01-10: Alone

2021-01-09: Down in the valley

2021-01-09: Sunset

2021-01-01: Golf in the snow

2021-01-01: Tracks

2020-12-13: Some day I’ll get this POV again … someday.

2020-12-12: I spy something @ecr

2020-12-05: Sidewalk

2020-12-05: Shadows

2020-12-05: Berries

2020-11-29: Here we go again 1

2020-11-29: Stairs

2020-11-29: Ok so I think raw mode on my camera with mb is a pain .. I’m just going to use jpeg from now on …

2020-11-29: Oh Canada

2020-11-29: Reflection?

2020-11-25: Guardians

2020-11-25: Sunset

2020-11-25: Barrel of fun

2020-11-25: Tree

2020-11-25: Grapes

2020-11-25: Barn

2020-11-25: Going through some old photos.

2020-11-15: Just doing a test. I logged back in on a new phone.

2020-11-04: are there any audio experts out here that might be able to lend me a hand? Specifically I am looking …

2020-08-22: Well I guess I have officially given up on Facebook and Instagram. It has been so long that I don’t …

2020-08-01: Here we go again 1x

2020-06-21: I think today might be a good time to finish off my raspberry pi camera project ….or I could …

2020-06-06: Well I can say that I have never attended a zoom bar mitzvah before, but I am glad I did.

2020-06-06: Well I can say that I have never attended a zoom bar mitzvah Well I can say that I have never attended a zoom bar mitzvah before, but I am glad I did.

2020-05-30: Good Morning all … nice day ahead here in KS. Anyone else up for some 🏌🏻‍♂️🏌🏼‍♀️

2020-05-25: I would love to try one of these … I mean if I had a reason other then just wanting one. …

2020-05-22: Just enjoying the outdoors.

2020-05-21: I guess my internet is broken since nobody is responding to me

2020-05-18: Just a test

2020-05-16: I’m cooking tonight … I can slave over a hot credit card with the best of them. 💳

2020-05-16: Hello Hello. I’m trying out IA Writer because @manton suggested it.

2020-05-08: Hang’n and waiting I really wish I could get better at writing on this site more often. I do read my feed daily.

2020-04-05: Problem solved. I guess my router just needed a reboot

2020-04-05: Anybody else having this issue?

2020-04-04: Happy Anniversary to my lovely wife! It has been a wonderful time and I look forward to the future.

2020-04-01: Good Morning everyone!

2020-03-26: Watching the daily social distancing show. Really Good!

2020-03-25: I am really liking the new IPadOS update. I might even put my Linux dev box aside for a while and …

2020-02-02: Sight. I hope I’m tagging these right

2020-02-02: This just looked so cool last night.

2020-02-01: Open

2020-01-26: Hello World. I’m still here and enjoying the view.

2020-01-01: First Post of 2020. I’m starting my year off right and looking forward to all kinds of new stuff.

2019-11-25: I’ve figured out github pages for what I need so far. This is probably going to work really …

2019-11-25: I love getting new raspberry pi computers to setup for experiments.

2019-11-10: Well I’m trying to figure out how to use my github hosted domain name this morning. Any tips would …

2019-08-17: good morning Hey there everyone and good morning.

2019-08-02: Canada I love visiting Canada. The people and family here are awesome

2019-07-14: micro.blog update So I’m trying a new domain name experiment. Say hello to mcr.sh

2019-07-10: Clinton Country Club One of the great things about having a wife that also golfs is that we can do it together. We had …

2019-07-08: Monday I am one of those weird people that likes Monday.

2019-07-07: Back to normal Back at the homestead…yeah.

2019-07-06: Well today I think I’ll try golf

2019-07-05: Breakfast and then golf 🏌️‍♂️🏌️‍♀️🏌️‍♂️🏌️‍♀️

2019-07-04: Good Morning and Happy Fourth Of July for my America followers and friends.

2019-07-03: Ah … so nice waking up to a cool house.

2019-07-02: YEAH!!! AC fixed now I can chill … get it … I crack me up.

2019-07-01: Good Morning world.

2019-06-30: Just a great morning…. oh and the AC appears to be taking a break. Just wonderful

2019-06-27: I finally made the plunge into iPhone X land. Liking so far

2019-06-18: Every time I go to use the bathroom at this conference I’m reminded of the Dilbert wearable cubicle …

2019-06-17: Anybody in Long Beach for CVPR this week?

2019-06-17: Things you're probably not using in Python 3 - but should - Data, what now? turns Many people started switching to Python 3, unfrotunetly most people still write their code like it …

2019-06-16: You just gotta love CA prices. At this rate water is waaaayyyy more expensive than a gallon of gas.

2019-06-15: Does anyone have a suggestion for an RSS reader that supports MB? I’m using Newsify now and I …

2019-06-07: Datatable python package link.medium.com/2oKubvcnkX I want to try this when I get time - it looks cool oh and fast.

2019-06-07: Rain rain go away I want to play golf today.

2019-06-07: I am so looking forward to this feature as well www.theverge.com/2019/6/6/… Apple knows that …

2019-06-07: Hitting the road with my daughter on the way to her summer internship.

2019-06-01: Great List of Golf Apps itunes.apple.com/us/story/id1463458065

2019-05-30: I’ve been wondering. Are there any micronauts in the Kansas City area? I’d like to connect and maybe …

2019-05-27: I love micro.blog because of the international flare. I love to travel and when I can’t this is so …

2019-04-30: Unboxing of Jetson Nano & Quick Start-Up of Two Vision Demos - Hackster.io Jetson Nano is a star product now. Here is an unboxing article of details of the product, the …

2019-04-30: Caffe in Jetson Nano - Hackster.io Caffe is a commonly used deep learning framework, we can install it to Jetson Nano. Find this and …

2019-04-30: Upgrade your first gen Apple Pencil with this grip from Kaweco – The Gadgeteer Upgrade your first gen Apple Pencil with this grip from Kaweco – The Gadgeteer — Read on …

2019-04-23: 10 Reasons To Consider a Search Engine Alternative to Google 10 Reasons To Consider a Search Engine Alternative to Google — Read on …

2019-04-12: The Best Patios in Kansas City | Kansas City Restaurant News | feastmagazine.com Warmer weather is here (at last!) and in our minds, that means one very important thing – patio …

2019-04-09: Light Phone 2: A 'dumb phone' for curing app addiction - Business Insider The Light Phone 2 can make calls, send texts, handle basic directions, and call you a taxi — but it …

2019-04-09: The best golf workouts to get your gut and game in shape Joey Diovisalvi, author of ‘Fix Your Body, Fix Your Swing,’ shares his go-to moves that …

2019-04-07: Leveraging Computer Vision for Asset Tracking Solutions | IoT For All Computer vision offers high accuracy and reliability for asset tracking. It has advantages over …

2019-04-05: Bluetooth IoT Gateway - Hackster.io Discover and report the presence of Bluetooth devices with Raspberry Pi and WolkAbout IoT Platform!. …

2019-04-04: Why I will never get my wife to join a golf club During the cold winter months I like to think about the past season of golf and travel. My steady …

2019-03-16: Where is all began I have been wanting to write a series that covered what I play on my iPhone during workouts. So here …

2019-02-24: The Factory Method Pattern and Its Implementation in Python – Real Python In this Python tutorial, you’ll learn about the Factory Method design pattern and its …

2019-02-23: Supercharge Your Classes With Python super() – Real Python In this step-by-step tutorial, you will learn how to leverage single and multiple inheritance in …

2019-02-22: An Introduction on Time Series Forecasting with Simple Neura Networks & LSTM The purpose of this article is to explain Artificial Neural Network (ANN) and Long Short-Term Memory …

2019-02-20: Mobile Mint Ok so as of today I am trying out this service that I’ve toyed with in the past. For those of …

2019-01-27: Good Deed What a great story! Patton Oswalt helps Michael Beatty with medical bills after clash on Twitter - …

2019-01-27: Well the government is no longer shut down and wouldn’t you know it re-opened the day we were …

2019-01-16: Good morning… the government is still shutdown … make it stop.

2018-12-15: Photo that took some work This was an amazing day trip to visit the resting place of Sheikh Zayed in Abu Dhabi and the Grand …

2018-12-15: Post Katy Trail Observations I am behind in sharing the results from my Katy Trail project … sorry. So, as you can see from the …

2018-12-15: The Katy Trail Bike Pi Alright for those of you that do not live in the KS/MO area and know about the Katy Trail here is a …

2018-12-15: MQTT and Wireless Sensors Recently I was discovered a couple of new topics that I wanted to explore with my massive computing …

2018-11-26: Here is a new Project I’ve been playing with MQTT and Pythonista over the holiday. Here is my simple drawing of the …

2018-10-20: Let’s begin here ... Greensboro, NC - 1985 I thought I might start my blog off with a photo from long ago. This is … I believe … …