I am behind in sharing the results from my Katy Trail project … sorry.

So, as you can see from the pins on the map that I had some really good success with my project. What did I learn? Well for one .. the Raspberry Pi does not have a realtime clock. I guess I should have known that but I didn’t for some reason. Thankfully I setup a portable WiFi router for the little Pi before I left home. I logged into the Pi daily and download the files to my iPad and also reset the clock. The next time I do this I will make sure that I use the time stamp from the GPS reading. Oh well … live and learn. The other thing I noticed is there was a dead spot for a whole day … I’m not sure why that happened except that the specific section of the trail was well covered. All and all I did get some good images and the group was happy with the results. I really liked the randomizes photos that were taken. Oh and another thing I need to account for next time is the break cable and move the mount so that it is not in the photo.

Here are some example photos from the Bike Pi along the way.

Next up — I’m going to work on some electronics projects as well as maybe some AI stuff using Tensorflow object detection. My current challenge with TF is that installing the lite version on a RPi has been difficult to say the least.

That is all for now.